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    The Leadership Academy of Excellence is currently enrolling students from all over the state of Arizona.  We have students enrolled in our school from Florence, Queen Creek, Tucson, Snowflake, Goodyear, and Buckeye and all points in between.  If you are interested in enrolling in an online school that will work with you to help you meet your goals, contact us today!  Click on Prospective Students/Registration Process/ and the Register Now button above to get the registration process started today......

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Administrative Directory

Dr. Sonia Bribiescas, Principal

Don Baker, Academic Coach


Krysta Neal, Admin. Assistant 

Carmen Beam, Receptionist


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Physical Address:
225 S Orlando Street
Florence, AZ 85132




Dear Leadership Academy of Excellence Students and Families:




The school year is in full swing and we are a few weeks from Fall Break. Fall Break dates are September  22nd thru October 5th. Classes will resume on Monday, October 6th. Another important announcement is the launch of LAE NEWS on FUSD’s main website. Please feel free to visit our page as we update it weekly. The link is:


Please don’t hesitate to call my office if you have questions or concerns at 520-866-3529.      I would like to ask parents/guardians to have a conversation with their son/daughter about the following:

NO ELECTRONICS ALLOWED DURING CLASS TIME – If students have their cell phones, Ipods, headphones, etc. out DURING CLASS TIME, teachers and staff will confiscate items and turn them into the Principal. Parents and Guardians will have to pick up items and we ask that the items not be on our campus for the remainder of the year.

BACKPACKS ON CAMPUS – Clear backpacks, small purses, and gym bags (for athletes only) are allowed. Athletes will check in bags at the office or with a teacher. Teacher will keep bag behind their desk. Backpacks may be searched.

STUDENTS WILL CARRY A PASS AT ALL TIMES ON OUR CAMPUS – Students will carry a pass to and from their destinations on our campus.

BEHAVING AND DISPLAYING RESPECT IN ALL CLASSROOMS       AND EVENTS  - Students are expected to comply with all staff and teacher directions at all times. Please have a conversation with your child about the basics of behaving in class a and the goal is to complete schoolwork at our school.

MINUTES ON OUR BRAINHONEY SYSTEM – We are tracking all student time on our Brainhoney system. Each student is given a warning if they do not complete 240 minutes a day. If students continue working below their minutes, parents and guardians will be contacted to have a meeting with the Principal and staff. Selected 10th graders, 11th and 12th graders are allowed to take classes on Brainhoney. All other grades are in direct instruction classes.

We will continue to strive for excellence in all arenas on our campus. We are continuing to spread the “Lion Pride” commitment with all staff and students. Here is the commitment statement:

We at the Leadership Academy of Excellence take pride in what we do. Our job is to strive for excellence in our behavior and academics. Our goal is to respect everyone that touches our campus.


Dr. Sonia Bribiescas, Principal

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